Alternative medicine

We shouldn’t call it alternative medicine

About a third of Americans use some form of alternative medicine, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An important finding is that the use of alternative medicine has remained largely stable over the past decade, primarily in the form of herbal and non-vitamin supplements. Although popular, these supplements […]

Alternative medicine

A third of Americans use alternative medicine

Story Highlights Complementary medicine includes fish oil, yoga and deep breathing Most turn to alternative medicine to relieve sleep problems, stomach aches or chronic pain CNN — About a third of Americans seek help for their health in a place outside of their doctor’s office. That’s according to two new studies from the National Institutes […]

Medical treatment

How to measure the potential harm of medical treatment

As we wrote last week, far fewer people benefit from medical therapies than we tend to think. This fact is quantified in the number of therapies needed to treat, or NNT, which tells you how many people would need to receive medical therapy for one person to benefit. NSTs well above 10 or even 100 […]