Alternative medicine

Major Survey Shows People Believe Alternative Medicine Can Cure Cancer – Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Nearly 40% of American adults surveyed believe that alternative medicine alone can cure cancer. When asked if alternative medicine alone could cure cancer, nearly 40% of Americans recently interviewed answered yes. “It’s a dangerous misconception,” said Victoria Manax, MD, chief medical officer of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). “Standard cancer treatments are based on […]

Alternative medicine

Aligned Modern Health opens alternative medicine clinic on Davis Street

A new integrated health care option, offering individualized treatment plans to produce overall wellness, opened in Evanston last month. Aligned Modern Health — which combines chiropractic physical medicine, acupuncture, functional medicine and clinical nutrition — opened a clinic in Evanston at 910 Davis St. in late September. The Evanston location is one of 15 Aligned […]

Medical therapy

The real lesson of ORBITA: the remarkable power of medical therapy

Editor’s note: This post is part of a Health Affairs Blog series titled “ORBITA: Lessons From A Landmark Trial”, which focuses on the recent study finding that placement of a coronary stent did not improve exercise time compared to a placebo procedure in patients with angina pectoris and severe arterial stenosis who were receiving optimal […]