Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is no longer an ‘outsider’ in the Swiss healthcare system

​​​​​​​ Acupuncturists already need a license to practice in 20 of the 26 Swiss cantons. Thomas Fredberg/Scientific Photo Library Once on the fringes of the healthcare system, growing public demand for complementary medicine has led to increased regulation in an effort to eliminate bad apples and improve patient safety. It’s the result of a lot […]

Alternative medicine

Underrated Benefits of Alternative Medicine – Flux Magazine

Al Woods words Alternative medicines are used by a considerable number of people. Although they are not clinically prescribed drugs, they claim to be quite effective and the manufacturers claim thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Our body has a response to whatever is going on inside. Alternative medicine promises positive effects on […]

Alternative medicine

Using alternative medicine for the treatment of coronavirus

In the absence of approved drugs for the novel coronavirus, some people are turning to alternative medicine, often on the advice of their governments. This is particularly evident in China and India, two densely populated countries with a long history and tradition of touting such treatments, and where access to conventional medicine is sometimes limited. […]

Medical therapy

Medically clear: Medical therapy holds more promise than surgery… : Emergency medicine news

peritonsillar abscess: peritonsillar abscess Figure Figure Suction. To verify. Headlamp. To verify. Cetacaine. To verify. Gauze. To verify. Vaginal ultrasound probe. To verify. Needle and syringe. To verify. Sound familiar? It’s always been one of the trickiest procedures in the emergency department: Invasive drainage of angina requires a patient patient, a patient nurse and, if […]