Alternative medicine

Dangerous Untested Alternative Medicine | Opinion of the applicant

This is my reaction to Kay Rivera’s article “An uphill battle (2)” (Opinion, 10/26/20). I agree that alternative medicine, which includes natural remedies and folk remedies, should not be dismissed outright. This is so because they can be effective. However, they shouldn’t be outright accepted either because they haven’t been tested. Promoters may claim that […]

Alternative medicine

Americans still pay out of pocket for complementary and alternative medicine

Garlic chicken soup was once the standard cold remedy, and peppermint was used to soothe an upset stomach rather than going to the pharmacy for an over-the-counter pill. Grandma’s remedies are making a comeback: About 59 million Americans spend out-of-pocket on complementary health approaches, totaling about $30.2 billion a year, according to information provided by […]

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Trump’s covid-19 medical treatment makes no sense

For any doctor — but especially those of us who have diagnosed, treated, and worked with covid-19 patients — President Trump’s course of medical care since announcing his diagnosis via tweet early Friday morning has been weird. Forget the conflicting statements from his doctors and top advisers, or even his troubling decision to drive by […]