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Holistic healing and alternative medicine increasingly part of Lancaster County’s ‘wellness web’ | Health

Since ancient times, health and well-being have been noble and necessary goals. People have sought cures from a variety of sources, including nature — plants, animals, outdoor exploration — and modern medicine. Advances in the latter area cannot be overstated, but many seek answers to their ailments in a more holistic and organic realm, turning […]

Alternative medicine

Health Care Inequities: Salaam Community Wellness Center to Bring Holistic Alternative Medicine to Chicago’s Woodlawn Neighborhood

CHICAGO (WLS) – “I think there are enough, as they say, woke people now who are going to keep the pressure on the whole system,” said Dr. Constance D. Shabazz, founder and CEO of the Salaam Community Wellness Center. . Dr. Shabazz is one of those people. She promises change in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood with […]

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A controversial medical treatment that is known to cure even skeptics

I don’t believe in homeopathy, the alternative medical discipline developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century, which is based on the principle of “like heals like”. If you have a fever, a homeopath will prescribe something that, given to a healthy person, would cause a fever. The prescribed dose, and usually infused in tiny […]

Alternative medicine

holistic health integrative alternative medicine Cleveland Clinic Medina

Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital now offers care for patients who want to take a holistic approach to their health. The Logsdon Family Wellness Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine is supported from the 2019 donation by David Logsdon and his late wife, Jan. It is located inside the hospital at 1000 E. Washington St., Medina. […]

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Refusing medical treatment: do you have the right to say no?

Key points: Individual autonomy is a core value in Western medical systems. Courts have upheld the right of patients to choose their own medical treatment, even when their decisions may result in ill health or death. The right to refuse medical treatment can only be overridden when a patient is found by a court to […]

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Many patients with ischemia do not receive optimal medical treatment

Less than half of patients whose peripheral vascular disease progressed to critical limb ischemia (CLI) received guideline-directed optimal medical treatment (GDMT), according to new research. GDMT is a comprehensive treatment plan designed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and improve blood circulation in the lower extremities. The authors collected recent data from the Vascular […]