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Experimental, Integrative Medicine and Alternative Therapies

In India, out of two women with breast cancer, one will die within five years. Many of these lives can be saved through the early detection of cancer. If the cancer is detected at stage 1 when it is located in the breast, the five-year survival rate is 99%. If detected at stage 3 or […]

Alternative medicine

Here’s what’s scheduled for Day 5 of TechSparks 2021

TechSparks Day 5 kicks off with a deep dive with Inasmuch asThyrocareInasmuch as‘s Founder and President, Dr Arokiaswamy Velumani, and its attempt to build one of the largest medical diagnostic chains in India, which was recently acquired by Inasmuch asPharmacyInasmuch as. We’ll also be talking to a host of health tech startup founders, including Gita […]

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“The UN does not determine what is medical treatment in Ghana” – Sam George told the BBC

Sam Nartey George, MP for Ningo Prampram • Sam George says there is no mention of conversion therapy in anti-LGBTQ+ bill • He says that the corrective measures recommended in the bill have been approved by experts • He says the bill reflects the views of Ghanaians Sam Nartey George, the lead proponent of the […]

Alternative medicine

iOS and Android apps for those who practice alternative medicine

(Photo: RODNAE Productions from Pexels) There are a number of iOS and Android apps that can be used by anyone to take better care of their health. There are fitness apps, medication tracking apps, sleep apps, and even alternative medicine apps. If you practice alternative medicine, we’ve put together a list of apps available on […]

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Endocrine Society Reading Room | The limited efficacy of medical therapy in primary aldosteronism

Primary aldosteronism or primary hyperaldosteronism (PA) is the excessive production of aldosterone by the zona glomerulosa of the adrenal glands resulting in secondary hypertension. Although initially thought to be a rare cause of secondary hypertension with a prevalence of 4.3 mmol/L with a median reference range of 3.5 to 5.0 mmol/L). Of the 155 patients […]

Alternative medicine

EXCLUSIVE: NFL’s Javiar Collins opens psychedelic and alternative medicine clinic via telehealth platform Heally

Old Dallas Cowboys football player Javiar Collins El launched an alternative medicine clinic, IN GOOD HEALTH, which should be available on the Heally telehealth platform. The partnership provides HEALTHYSELF with access to Heally’s holistic telehealth platform, which is used by more than 300,000 patients nationwide. What is HEALTHYSELF? HEALTHYSELF connects people with professional coaches specializing […]

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How to respond if you are denied prescribed medical treatment

Has your insurance company ever refused a treatment or medication prescribed by your doctor? But does this happen very often? According to a recent survey of Californians conducted in late August by the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation, insurance companies have denied access to a drug or treatment deemed necessary by their doctor to 30% of […]

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine alert following two deaths in France

Two deaths of people using naturopaths this summer have prompted a warning about the dangers of alternative medicine. In one case, a 44-year-old woman paying €1,000 a week for a fasting cure at a Loire chateau was found dead in her bedroom after several days without water. The prefect ordered the closure of the course […]

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The autistic patient: obstacles to medical treatment

An autistic woman’s perspective on why much needs to be done to improve medical intervention for people on the spectrum. My neck and arm had begun to throb, joining the sharp pain in my back, and I shifted in the chair to try to relieve it, temporarily losing track of the conversation. “I don’t understand […]

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Getting High with Medical Treatment: Medical Cannabis Use and the Legal Approach – Healthcare Series 14

The use of medicinal cannabis dates back to around 2700 BC. It first appeared in traditional Chinese medicine and was used as medicine during surgery. However, the medical use of cannabis was mainly localized in India. While medical cannabis was used in limited areas in other countries, in India it was used as a treatment […]