Medical treatment

40% of monkeypox patients experience complications requiring medical treatment

40% of patients Thief monkeypox According to a study of the disease in Spain, complications requiring medical treatment in a hospital such as Val d’Hebron in Barcelona and on October 12 in Madrid, Published in The Lancet Journal.

observational study, conducted in three sexual health units Madrid and Barcelona, She determined that approximately half of the patients analyzed had complications requiring medical treatment, primarily to reduce pain associated with proctitis (25%), tonsil ulceration (11%) and Edema of the penis (8%).

Three patients also had to be admitted for complications resulting from these manifestations. In addition, all participants had skin lesions in the area Anogenital or perioral.

Another relevant finding of the investigation “skin to skin contact» like during sex “Prime Factors” In monkeypox transmission, above airborne transmission.

On the other hand, they concluded that, given the short incubation period, pre-exposure vaccination high group more effective than riskPost-exposure vaccination for infection control.

Finally, the researchers indicated that viral loads are “surprisingly” Higher levels in swabs (samples collected) from skin lesions compared to relatively low levels Inflammation of the pharynx.

Therefore, they claim that this fact “should be investigated further Ensure that respiratory transmission is viable and therefore guide decisions regarding respiratory isolation at home for those affected.

in evaluation 175 (98%) of 181 confirmed cases used There were men, 166 of whom identified as having sex with men. The median age of those affected was 37 years and the median incubation period for the disease was established at 7 days.

he collaborated in the study October 12 German Triassic University Hospital – Infection Control Foundation and CHU Val d’Hebron, and with the participation of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Last May, the first autochthonous cases of monkeypox were reported in Europe, triggering an epidemic that is still active today. 27 countries and It has caused more than 18,000 confirmed cases. Spain is the most affected country on the continent, with more than 5,000 cases diagnosed at the end of August.