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6 Alternative Medicine Tips for Neuropathy with Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker says self-care as well as the traditional and alternative medicine that is the foundation of biohacking can work wonders – radial and focused shock wave therapy, TECAR deep heat, laser light therapy and peripheral electromagnetic frequency (PEMF), as well as certain supplements, herbs, better sleep, topicals, mindful breathing, and guided movements.

Dr. Tucker is in a unique position. He has been practicing for over 40 years and has met many smart people. He uses the experience of his colleagues and their collective knowledge as well as current science from around the world. He has cultivated relationships with other physicians and has weekly small group zoom calls where physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, podiatrists, nutritionists, and the lay public share information about their preferences and what works and what. which is wrong.

Tucker helped popularize TECAR Ask Me Anything (AMA), Shockwave AMA, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and Physical Therapy (PT) AMA, and Kinotek AMA. These ongoing zoom calls with regular practitioners, educators, integrative medicine specialists, medical practitioners in academia and hospitals are using and studying new innovative methods and technologies like TECAR and Focused Shockwaves. “We love sharing the benefits of non-invasive procedures that help athletes recover faster and help everyday people cope with chronic pain. We see difficult cases of pain heal better and faster using combination therapies like shockwaves, Winback TECAR therapy and laser light therapy, especially for patients with neuropathy and osteoarthritis.

Dr. Tucker deals with Winback

These doctors recognize that extensive studies have been done but cannot follow all the training. Doctors get together and talk about everything from sports medicine to injuries to the best approaches to neuropathy, dementia and arthritis. “In the Ask Me Anything format, we share what we find works in our practices for patients’ lives in real time. We talk about everything from products that claim to increase longevity, increase sexual vigor, cost of care, and how to optimize your body.

How do you know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Biohacking alternative medicine? Google search is easy but takes a lot of time to sort through. Biohackers look for well-done independent studies on herbs, acupuncture, hypnosis, hyperbaric oxygen, etc. to guide them. Physicians coming together for the purpose of sharing experience, encouraging office research, education and new evidence on alternative medicine, gather information to give to their patients. This practice takes solid science and natural experience behind them in Biohacking.

Here are six of the most promising alternative neuropathy practices:

  1. Light therapy for pain: Hands down, it was the No. 1 recommendation from Tucker’s expert panel that he chooses to consult. They also recommended laser light therapy for other issues including arthritis, better and faster healing after surgery and chemotherapy. Tucker has a laser on his website which he recommends for everyday use at home.
  2. Pulsed Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave has become a leading technology for painful scar tissue, fascial stiffness, muscle stiffness, improving range of motion, increasing blood flow and decreasing pain.
  3. Winback TECAR Therapy: Our panel of experts agreed that this new sensation of deep warmth holds promise. “Worth trying for neuropathy,” says Tucker. Winback TECAR increases blood flow and oxygen to vessels and nerves.
  4. Movement: One of the biggest mistakes people make when they have neuropathy is that they stop moving because they feel unsteady. Tucker says, “If you’ve got a body, you’ve got a workout.” You don’t need to be formally trained, just set a two-minute timer and practice gentle repetitive movements. A starting point is to do repetitive ankle or arm circles. Take it slow, but be consistent every day!
  5. Supplements: “I tell people it’s going to take time” said Tucker. Try new supplements for a six to twelve week trial. AMA experts encourage the upregulation of NAD and B-complex, as this will improve the capacity of mitochondria. Other important oral treatments consisting of nutraceuticals or supplements that treat neuropathy and inflammation include: N-acetyl cysteine, tocopherols (vitamin E – alpha, delta, gamma), omega-3/6 (oil of fish – DHA/EPA), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ like CoQ-10), Quercetin.
  6. Topicals for pain and uncomfortable sensations: These AMA experts say it really helps. The technique is simple, rub PhytoZol directly into the area, relax and focus on breathing and transporting the product into the pain or symptom. “Topicals are safe and effective,” says Tucker. It should be done at least 3 times a day.

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