Medical treatment

A symptom of Omicron that means you need urgent medical treatment

An Omicron symptom on your skin, lips and nails that warns you that you need URGENT Covid treatment has been revealed.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the Covid Omicron strain could present in palce, gray or blue tinted skin, lips and fingernails.

This indicates a low level of oxygen in your blood.

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As such, if you notice that your fingernails have turned blue or gray, seek medical attention immediately.

The main symptoms of Omicron are mild pain, fatigue and sneezing, as well as a scratchy throat and also a runny nose.

Omicron has been confirmed to be a milder strain of the virus, with Covid cases increasing across the country.

Signs and symptoms of other strains include a persistent cough, high temperature or fever, and sudden loss of taste or smell.

Only one person required intensive care treatment in Scotland for the Omicron variant.

It comes after United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust declared a ‘critical incident’ with ‘extreme and unprecedented’ staff shortages resulting in ‘compromised care’.

The trust’s medical director, Dr Colin Farquharson, said: “Due to significant pressures on staff due to absence related to Covid-19, we need to take additional steps to maintain services.”

While Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents health trusts, said “a number of trusts across the country have reported internal critical incidents over the past few days”.

Daily coronavirus cases in Scotland are the highest on record at 20,217, according to the latest data.

Figures released by the Scottish Government on Monday show 65,860 new tests for Covid-19 returned results and 34.9 per cent were positive.

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