Alternative medicine


Laura Bottini, founder and practitioner of Our Body Wise

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on all of us in so many different ways. We are all concerned about the dramatic loss of human life around the world and an unprecedented challenge to public health, the economy and the world of work. The economic and social upheaval caused by the pandemic is devastating: according to the WHO, tens of millions of people are sinking into extreme poverty in the face of an existential threat. Without the means to earn an income during the lockdowns, many have been unable to feed themselves and their families. Those who have been luckier still face multiple challenges – financial, personal or health-related.

These challenges can be stressful, overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during the pandemic, people have faced psychological stress caused by fear and anxiety due to the high rate of disease transmission and mortality, social isolation, economic problems and difficulties in accessing health services. . Public health measures, such as social distancing, are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but they can make us feel isolated and alone and can increase stress and anxiety. COVID-19 fears (“coronavirus fears”) have emerged as a novel psychological effect of the pandemic and have been associated with psychological distress and impairment. Other side effects include increased symptoms of anxiety and depression and related disorders.

Over the past few months, fear has consistently topped the list of reasons people seek psychological help. This fear can cause multiple related conditions, such as anger, sadness, worry, numbness, or frustration; some people experience changes in appetite, energy, desires and interests, others – difficulty sleeping or nightmares. It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is, how do we choose to deal with it and how can we help ourselves and others.

While some people turn to medication, others are understandably reluctant to take prescription pills to deal with their mental disorders. For those who prefer other ways to address their fears and anxieties, there are alternative approaches to healing not only mental health, but also emotional and physical ailments. I myself truly believe that we are so much more than our mind and body; we are multidimensional beings, and therefore I prefer the holistic approach of alternative medicine. My belief comes from traveling abroad and studying with international teachers and healers and understanding the need for connection that we all have.

After over 12 years of experience in holistic medicine and over 18 years of experience teaching and working with people of all ages, I have learned different healing modalities. I understood how energy works and how it affects our body, mind and spirit as well. Every cell in our body is filled with all of our memories, experiences, emotions and thoughts. And whenever there is an imbalance, using the right tools we can get to the root of the problem and I can help detect what needs to be reviewed or overcome.

I have always been curious about how we can naturally overcome physical and psychological challenges, and while living in the United Arab Emirates I discovered PKP Kinesiology. Then I learned not only to test my muscles, but also to “listen to the body” on a whole new level. PKP Kinesiology is the art and science of energy balance, based on the study of anatomy and physiology, Chinese medicine and coaching. Following an energy model that recognizes that people are more than just symptoms, kinesiology tests clients’ muscles to detect and eliminate stress and energy imbalances in their bodies, restore the flow of natural energies, and help them achieve their full potential.

Kinesiology has proven to be extremely effective in helping patients deal with fear and anxiety. In my experience, when kinesiology is combined with other approaches, such as pranic healing, sound therapy, or clearing and consecrating physical places, the effects are particularly impressive. In Our wise body we combine different techniques centered on a holistic approach, which offers a wide range of alternative medicine disciplines and preventive measures.

It is amazing how through holistic medicine we can not only help overcome fear, but also improve energy balance and alignment, recharge and restore body, mind and spirit. Time and again, I see evidence of how, by creating new neural pathways that support us on all levels, we can improve our energy levels and strengthen our sense of connection and belonging. It’s more than just managing COVID-related anxiety – it’s a way to keep your body in the best shape on every level.