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Boost our ability to lose weight with this proven medical treatment

(good things utah) There are many weight loss solutions on the market that claim to be “fast acting”. But these methods – as many of us have learned the hard way – are often unhealthy and ineffective. Take a healthier approach to overall wellness, Rising Health Specialty Clinic based in Salt Lake City, believes in treating the root cause of a patient’s illness rather than just treating the symptoms. The practice also relies less on drugs and more on functional steps to improve a patient’s diet and lifestyle.

A new treatment offered by Rising Health Specialty Clinic uses semaglutide (semi-glute-ide) to help patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Semaglutide – a drug originally designed for type 2 diabetes – comes as a weekly injection that suppresses appetite and improves the ability to lose weight. It works by increasing insulin production and lowering glucagon secretion, thereby affecting areas of the brain that regulate appetite and food intake.

“Some women still struggle to lose weight,” says Anne Bowden, advanced nurse practitioner at the Rising Health Specialty Clinic. “Semaglutide is really close to almost being a weight loss guarantee – and I don’t use it very commonly.”

This method has proven results, with studies showing it helped patients lose up to 15% of their body weight. Patients work together with health coach Sinead Urwin and board-certified obesity specialist Dr. Girish Kalva as part of their weight loss adherence. These highly trained experts provide patients with a step-by-step plan to kick-start their wellness.

According to Sinead Urwin of Rising Health, “People gain weight for all kinds of different reasons. Weight loss is therefore a very individual process for everyone. We’ll talk about their day in terms of changing meals and looking at other factors like sleep, exercise, and stress management — everything the body needs to sustain long-term weight loss.

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