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Brownsville family to hold benefit concert for boy’s medical treatment

JACKSON, Tenn. — A family in Brownsville is hosting a benefit concert to help a young boy receive his medical treatment.

“He was a normal, developing kid. He was energetic, adventurous and bold, and just plain boyish,” said Katherine Rodgers, Ben Rodgers’ mother.

The family of four were enjoying a hot summer day in the garden when things took an unexpected turn.

“On July 4, he was part of that adventurous, daring personality again, but he suffered a near-fatal drowning,” Katherine Rodgers said.

It took 35 minutes to resuscitate Ben Rodgers. He went long enough without oxygen until it caused severe brain damage.

“For the first week after his accident, we really didn’t know if he was going to survive the catastrophic damage,” said Katherine Rodgers.

The damage was so severe that doctors thought he was not going to survive.

Even during the pandemic, hospital staff allowed visitors into her room to say goodbye.

“He spent about six weeks at Le Bonheur, and they basically said, ‘His injuries are really serious. We don’t think he’ll be walking, talking or doing any of the typical things a boy his age should be able to do,” Katherine Rodgers said.

Although the doctors had their doubts, Ben Rodgers’ family remained hopeful and traveled from state to state trying to find different procedures.

It wasn’t until the family visited a doctor in New Orleans that they saw him make the most progress.

“One thing I found was a treatment in New Orleans called hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and it has several different FDA-approved uses, like for wound healing and decompression sickness, but it doesn’t ‘is not currently approved by the FDA to treat brain injury,’ Katherine Rodgers said.

The Rodgers family found this treatment to be the most effective and began seeing Ben Rodgers do things he hadn’t done since before the accident.

Now, to continue this treatment without traveling, they need $20,000 for a home hyperbaric chamber.

And to raise funds, they organize a benefit concert.

“Both groups prayed for us and followed Ben’s story. They both felt they had to do more,” Katherine Rodgers said.

The benefit concert will be held January 9 at 6 p.m. at the Allen Baptist Church in Brownsville.

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