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SSynonymous with beautiful mountains and lakes, clean air and, of course, top quality chocolates and watches, Switzerland is also a destination for some of the most advanced and innovative medical care in the world.

Switzerland was ranked first in the latest Euro Health Consumer Index, with its healthcare system celebrated in particular for two key areas – treatment outcomes and short waiting times.

Thanks to these advantages, an increasing number of international clients are heading to one of the many clinics in Switzerland for medical procedures ranging from hip replacements and rhinoplasty to the most advanced cancer treatments.

Five good reasons to go to a Swiss clinic

Swiss clinics offer comprehensive programs for each specific need, delivering each stage of treatment on site. Emphasizing a holistic approach, from assessment to post-care rehabilitation, highly trained physicians use the most modern technical equipment and infrastructure to provide top quality care, all wrapped up in the comfort of a five-star service. With the time and space to treat each patient individually, here’s what you can expect when you walk into a Swiss clinic:

Prevention and assessments

Health check-up: Swiss clinics offer individual check-up packages that can be carried out effectively in a single visit

Credit: Tower Hospital

By taking preventive measures such as exercise, a balanced diet and regular check-ups with your doctor, you can eliminate risk factors at an early stage. Swiss clinics offer individual check-up packages that can be done effectively in one visit.

With medical staff fluent in English and many other languages, this comprehensive health assessment will highlight areas to work on in your exercise and diet regimens to promote long life and an active lifestyle. .

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was once an excellent place for preventive health care. From rehabilitation in the 36.5°C water of the station descending from the mountains of eastern Switzerland, to nutrition and training, to dermatological and aesthetic care, to “smart aging” and sports medicine advanced, it’s no wonder people from all over the world are moving here – a few years in a row – to improve their health. With three hotels to choose from, three Michelin-starred restaurants, and an extensive spa, there’s plenty to explore.

In addition to the Privatklinik Bethanien in Zurich, there are numerous private clinics in French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, with a wide range of specialists offering comprehensive investigations and assessments.

Physical recreation and well-being

Several luxury hotels specialize in treating their guests with authentic Swiss hospitality while providing the highest quality medical care. Relaxation and absolute well-being are the top priority, so you might consider a stay of a few weeks to truly disconnect.

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, nestled in the alpine resort of Bürgenstock, is a retreat sanctuary, focused on wellness and luxurious relaxation, as well as a multidisciplinary medical facility. Clinique La Prairie, based in Montreux, will help revitalize you with its longevity program, beautiful lakeside location and luxurious creams.

Mental Health

In the restful surroundings of Switzerland, the balance between body, mind and soul can be restored in an atmosphere of discretion, safety and security. People often seek treatment here for addiction-related disorders. Two places specializing in mental health programs are Clinique Les Alpes, located on a hilltop above Montreux, and Privatklinik Mentalva, in the beautiful alpine landscape of Grisons in eastern Switzerland.

Full access to the best medical treatments

State-of-the-art technologies: with the latest treatments available, patients are in good hands

Credit: Genolier clinic

In Switzerland, private clinics and public hospitals work closely together so that excellent doctors, cutting-edge technologies and the latest treatments are accessible for each specialty. This means that patients suffering from cardiovascular problems, cancer or even neurological disorders are in good hands. Zurich University Hospital offers the widest range of medical services. But there are also private clinics that also cover a wide range of medical specialties, such as the Swiss Hospital Group Hirslanden, with centers spread across the country, and the Hôpital de la Tour in Geneva. In addition, many clinics have specialized exclusively in specific areas, such as the Merian Iselin Clinic for Orthopedics and Surgery in Basel.

Long-term rehabilitation

After surgery or illness, Switzerland offers additional rest and recovery in renowned rehabilitation clinics of the highest standard, each of which will customize treatment to suit your personal needs, helping you prepare to resume. an active part in life.

Three excellent examples of this holistic approach are Klinik Schloss Mammern, overlooking Lake Constance, Zihlschlacht Rehabilitation Clinic and Clinique Valmont Montreux, part of the Swiss Medical Network, with clinics across the country.

Benefits of medical treatment in Switzerland

Of course, in addition to measurable clinical excellence – from diagnosis using the latest technology to world-class treatments and comprehensive rehabilitation – there are even more practical reasons for treatment in Switzerland. The network of clinics and hospitals in the country offers an incredible medical infrastructure, so there is practically no waiting time. Quick access to doctors and examinations is guaranteed.

Peace of mind: Switzerland is home to world-class doctors and quick access to doctors is guaranteed

Credit: Swiss hospital group Hirslanden

There is also an extraordinary peace of mind that accompanies any stay in Switzerland. Politically stable, rich in clean air thanks to the Alps, and with a superbly high standard of living for their own citizens and residents, Swiss clinics offer a level of serenity simply unmatched in the rest of the world.

Thanks to years of experience, doctors in Switzerland are accustomed to establishing a relationship of trust with their hosts. If desired, therapists will involve clients’ medical teams from their home countries in the treatment process.

This is how long-term follow-up care can be initiated during the client’s stay in Switzerland. In addition, telemedicine makes it possible to keep in touch. Of course, all services in Swiss clinics are offered in English.

Discover Switzerland

Switzerland is easily accessible by train from London or by Swiss International Air Lines. And once ashore, public transport, renowned for its efficiency, will take you to the regions you wish to visit by train, bus or boat thanks to the Swiss Travel Pass, available from the Switzerland Travel Centre.

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