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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

To better explore the effects of medical marijuana, investigators conducted a pragmatic, single-site, single-blind randomized controlled trial in the Greater Boston area between 2017 and 2020.

Insurance coverage for acupuncture from 2010 to 2019

Insurance coverage for acupuncturist visits increased from 2010 to 2019, but most costs are paid out of pocket.

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Should cannabinoids be recommended for patients with neuropathic pain?

Two medical experts with opposing views debate the risks and benefits of using cannabinoids for the treatment of neuropathic and chronic pain.

Understanding CBD: How to Counsel Patients on Existing Laws, Clinical Evidence, and More

At Psych Congress 2018, Andrew Penn of the UCSF School of Nursing provides insight into the use of CBD in clinical practice.

Review of the effectiveness of medical cannabis for chronic pain

There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of cannabis for intractable chronic pain, including chronic neuropathic pain.

Challenges associated with using CBD, hemp oils in chronic pain, opioid addiction

There are a number of challenges associated with using cannabidiol and hemp oils in pain management.


Cannabis and cannabinoids may be effective in controlling pain via certain routes of administration

Cannabis and/or cannabinoids, when consumed by certain routes of administration, can significantly reduce pain levels.

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Interest in marijuana and cannabinoids for a rapid increase in pain

There is growing interest in the use of marijuana and cannabinoids for pain.


US surgeon general warns of effect of marijuana on developing brain

Marijuana use is risky for young people and pregnant women.


Mindfulness-based stress reduction also benefits chronic pain

For patients with chronic pain (CP), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) improve physical functioning, pain intensity, and depression.