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Eamonn Holmes shocks fans as he turns to alternative medicine to cure back problems

Andrea Caamano

Eamonn Holmes has been candid with fans about his health issues, particularly his chronic pain from three herniated discs in his back.

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Earlier this year he admitted the consequences of living with a trapped sciatic nerve have been “emasculating” as he has had to sell his car and can’t even put on his own shoes and socks because he can’t bend over.

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On Wednesday, however, he shared a photo on his Instagram, revealing how he is trying to improve his condition.

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“My osteo James just got home. How am I supposed to get into bed now?” he joked alongside a photo showing his mug-covered back.


The presenter shared a photo of his back during cupping therapy

the UK News The presenter also shared the hashtag ‘Cupping’, revealing that he had taken part in cupping therapy, an alternative medicine in which local suction is created on the skin with the application of heated cupping. The benefits of cupping include improving circulation, relieving pain, and promoting mobility.

Friends and fans were quick to share their thoughts on the photo, with Carol Vorderman writing: “This looks really HORRIFIC.”

Wife Ruth Langford joked, “My ninja turtle,” while Lisa Snowdon added, “Ruth will play the pipe on your back.”

Other fans called him ‘Hedgehog Holmes’, while another remarked: ‘Damian Hirst just valued this at £1m.’


Eamonn has suffered from chronic back pain for months

Talk about back pain The sun recently, Eamonn admitted that it has been a difficult year due to his back problems.

“For months I have not been able to walk, sometimes not even at all, and this has also had an impact on everyone around me…”

The 62-year-old broadcaster’s candid comments came months after he admitted his recovery was sadly at a standstill.

“What I’m fighting with right now is a dead right leg,” he said on This morning. “I’ve had two dislocated discs in the last five months. I’m having all sorts of treatments and working on it with all sorts of things like diet and hydrotherapy.”

He added that there had been “progress”, but not as much as he had hoped.