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Emotional hunger, a health risk and the effectiveness of medical treatment

Excessive food intake, or without physical stimulants, can affect the proper functioning of the body.

It takes about 20 minutes for our brain to feel full, Lcda. Wanda Gonzalez, nutritionist, dietitian and exercise physiologist. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola square.

Every time we go to eat or feed ourselves, we must understand and know “why are we hungry”, bearing in mind that glucose is our source of energy, and that it comes from Meal at different concentrations, we need to know where is the need or appetite,

wondering whether it is impulsiveness due to social or emotional stimuli or stressors; Or naturally our body demands food due to its lack. Likewise, care must be taken to know which foods meet these needs.

“Because when we consume foods rich in sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine, what they produce exacerbates the symptoms of anxiety, stress without guaranteeing satiety”, specifies LCDA. Wanda Gonzalez, nutritionist, dietitian and exercise physiologist. We must keep in mind that the integrity of the gut has a direct role in the feelings that, due to the connection of our intestine with the brain, improve or worsen the mood.

So that our eating habits affect, positively or negatively, the different treatments that a person receives. patients with a specific diseaseSince a correlation is necessary with each treatment MealChoose a speed that does not affect this operation.

We tend to overeat or overeat without understanding why. poor choice of foodreproduce apart health problems or disorders which may have implications for laboratories, processing, weight gain or difficulty losing weight.

It is important to note that digestion in the body begins the moment we give first bite of food And at this precise moment, the body begins to secrete the hormones necessary for our brain to transform with the feeling of satiety.

Nutritionist Gonzalez says, “It takes about 20 minutes for our brain to feel full, but it’s important that this is the main focus when we eat, as external factors can affect the process, preventing us from feeling full. Can go.”

To understand it, we need to know what it is. appetite physics and what is it appetite emotional, being aware of the benefits we derive from each Meal that we swallow.

physical hunger

It happens gradually, is controlled by organs and digestive systemAnd when we are fasting, this organ secretes a gastric hormone called ghrelin, which is responsible for sending messages to the hypothalamus communicating the need for food.

Another physiological response to the need for food occurs when we go for long periods without eating, with episodes of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar; Without the need to diagnose this disease or diabetes, it is because we have a glucose deficiency with symptoms such as:

  • dizzy

  • Headache

  • sweat

  • Blurred vision

  • weakness

  • irritability

  • severe hunger

When we recognize that we need to feed or eat,appetite physical, we are satisfied Meal That we have it, you don’t feel guilt or remorse, you just feel the satisfaction of eating the right food,” says the expert.

Emotional hunger:

It is a sudden onset of hunger, which is not caused by a hormone-induced process, but by feelings, situations/cravings, stressors and in many cases resulting from overeating because food becomes an object of desire, and they eat impulsively or binge eat, without even knowing they are eating.

“After eating these foods, it can be accompanied by a feeling of guilt, for having abandoned good eating habits, sometimes we justify ourselves by saying “Friday”, “I deserved it”, “I deserve it” , “this day was too strong”, “The weekend is not a diet”, “I will feel better”, “I will be back tomorrow”, these are warning signs that the food that we eat affects our health. Not recommended for,” confirms LCD. Wanda.

The specialist invites people who wish to make changes in eating habits that must be permanent, improve their lifestyle, implement them gradually, integrate these habits into the standard diet; It’s not a good idea to change your eating habits because of emotional stimuli or to think of it as dieting driven by short-term goals.

It should be noted that within the habits that apply to the general diet of people, nutritionists sometimes also point out that “culturally, everything is celebrated with food, so know these foods”. And it’s important to be able to identify the quantities, integrate exercise into the daily routine, without any regrets or feelings of failure”.

Dietitians emphasize the need to eat, detailing the process, i.e. abstaining from eating, concentrating while watching TV, working or for short periods of time. MealChew properly as often as needed, and as needed, without distractions or blemishes.

“It is important for us to know that this process takes some time, sometimes we sit down to eat and maybe we eat Meal In five minutes, sometimes can’t chew well, or eating while working, watching movies, concentrating on mobile phone, tablet, computer, affecting the process of satiety regulation. do,” he recommends.

As human beings, it should be clear to us that before embarking on any dietary process, no matter how small, we must establish some basic questions in order to avoid eating less or even overeating.

Questions like:

Am I going to eat because I feel sad, because I’m very stressed?

Am I sure I want to eat this amount?

How long has it been since I last ate?

What will be the nutritional content of what I am about to eat?

Am I not respecting any point of the diet recommended by my expert?

How can this affect my health?

Do I have enough time to eat or will I eat quickly?

We must bear in mind that eating habits must be done through partial and short-term patterns and modifications. “We can identify, what’s the first thing I’m going to do?” I will increase the water consumption, that will be my goal. week, next week I’m going down Meal fried or sweet, and gradually we set short-term goals that will eventually help us to integrate this eating habit into our lifestyle, to see it as a process and to understand that in this pattern we are going to eat pizza, sweets, and it will happen because they are accessible, and we are not going to punish ourselves with that, we just come back to the next meal, ”concludes the nutritionist.

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