Alternative medicine

EXCLUSIVE: NFL’s Javiar Collins opens psychedelic and alternative medicine clinic via telehealth platform Heally

Old Dallas Cowboys football player Javiar Collins El launched an alternative medicine clinic, IN GOOD HEALTH, which should be available on the Heally telehealth platform.

The partnership provides HEALTHYSELF with access to Heally’s holistic telehealth platform, which is used by more than 300,000 patients nationwide.


HEALTHYSELF connects people with professional coaches specializing in psychedelic integrative therapy, transitional coaching and leadership training.

  • Integrative therapy helps those interested in psychedelic therapy move forward to a deeper understanding of themselves.
  • Transition coaching guides those enduring significant life events to come out stronger on the other end.
  • Leadership coaching engages future leaders by promoting lessons of empathy, respect, and control to identify unseen challenges.

Who can use HEALTHYSELF?

These services can be used by anyone from professional athletes to military personnel and

veterans to people looking for professional and mental health coaching.

HEALTHYSELF was designed with the goal of positively influencing those who strive to put their health first and to fuse modern coaching techniques with ancient healing practices, while using a strong community approach. In addition to being a coaching platform, one can also download the HEALTHYSELF community-driven mobile app, which is designed as a safe space for people to learn ideas and foster connections with others on related paths. .

“This is an opportunity to impact people on many levels. As we continue to migrate through the current pandemic, many people are focusing on their health like never before. We are aligning the new coaching practice with ancient healing practices,” Collins told Benzinga. “It’s also about creating a culture shift. Serious mental health issues are becoming more prevalent. We’re creating a community-based approach.

The company’s CEO, Greg Rovner, added that the platform is convenient for those who want to get involved.

“Our telehealth platform provided all the tools needed for HEALTHYSELF to start their clinic,” Rovner said. “We are thrilled that over 300,000 patients can connect with HEALTHYSELF through Heally to gain access to impactful self-coaching practices that will help them achieve their wellness goals.”

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