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Fundraising by Jessica Buthker: Medical Treatment

Update 07/13/2022…Hi everyone! First I want to thank everyone who gave, shared and helped me along my way. I did not expect so much generosity from those who are in my life and those who are not in my life! I am blown away by the contributions and just grateful that we have this form of plant and all of you.

I started working with a local massage therapist who specialized in visceral therapy. My understanding of visceral work is that it works on soft tissue and allows some function and flow to the abdominal region. I have learned that before I can do intensive deep tissue work… I must first be able to work on touch and movement. I’m lucky to have found someone near me to help me on the first leg of this journey!

part of my story….Hello everyone! I need financial assistance to support much-needed out-of-town medical treatment for bowel blockages caused by adhesions, as well as expenses for flights, car, and hotel stay. If I can raise enough money, I hope it happens as soon as possible!

Some of you know me and some of you don’t… my name is Jessica. I am 38 years old and a divorced single mother of a beautiful daughter, Sophia (10) and a beautiful niece, Victoria (12). I have colon cancer. I was diagnosed at stage 4 almost 1 year ago. No family history and no symptoms in advance. They gave me a few months to a year to survive without chemo. Needless to say… life hasn’t been easy since. I finalized a divorce, stopped working, started chemo, had a few surgeries, granted custody of my niece and well that’s just part of what the past year has held back. We’ve been busy!

The surgeries left me in pain, no chemo and now the cancer is back in my colon. It’s honestly a bit devastating. Setback after setback won’t stop me from fighting! I have two beautiful daughters and a life to fight for!!

I don’t like asking for help but I know I need it. I can’t fight alone. My colon is not functioning properly due to scar tissue and adhesions. Go figure it’s not cancer? ! Doctors can’t help with scar tissue or adhesions without making it worse. I am barely able to eat and things are not going so well at the moment. My daily life is currently only pain. I trust things will get better! The doctors would like me to have another surgery for an ileostomy bag, but I can’t skip chemo without the cancer growing further and my surgeon agrees we need to try something else. We can’t afford it to grow right now. I just had surgery, started chemo, had a broken tooth, pulled out and ended up with dry socket. During this 1-3 month period, the cancer is back in my colon. For those of you who don’t know, I have a cancerous mutation called KRAS g12c. It is very aggressive and can be difficult to deal with. There are new cancer trials that are proving to give us hope!

Fortunately, I found a place that can help with adhesions and intestinal blockages. The kicker is not only out of town so insurance won’t cover it, but it’s also around $7,000! The medical treatment is called the Wurn Technique and is located in Gainesville, Florida. It’s not even a guarantee that it will work completely, but the other option available is not good. I need to try. I don’t have enough resources for that and honestly I barely have the daily resources for everything my family needs. If you know anyone who lives there I would be happy to have some help or a room instead of a hotel. We’ll make it work somehow, but I could use a little kindness and maybe even a few miracles right now! Please help me pay for this treatment so I can experience a pinch of normality while fighting for my life! If this speaks to you, consider making a donation. If this speaks to you and you are unable to donate, please consider sharing my story! Thanks!! 🙂