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Health system, companies are responsible for interest in alternative medicine

Juana Garcia / The Cougar

The current trend towards alternative medicine is often credited to the anti-vaccine movement, but America’s flawed healthcare system and the companies that sell these treatments are causing people to seek out these other options.

Although alternative medicine doesn’t always work, instead of shaming the people who seek these treatments, people should shame the companies that sell them as well as the inadequate healthcare system that pushes people to seek other options. .

There are several forms of alternative medicine such as healing crystals, essential oils, and herbal supplements. These treatments are often think to as being complementary form of medicine to the client’s standard health care. However, alternative forms cannot complement health care if there is no adequate standard health care to begin with.

From an inadequate response to the pandemic to high costs that deterrents and rely on crowdfunding sites for medical care, there are many ways the current standard health care system fails. People shouldn’t have to argue their case for medical bills on a crowdfunding platform or forgo treatment because of the high cost.

High healthcare costs are what often lead people to turn to alternative medicines such as crystals, which are took into consideration to be a source of healing in some alternative medicine circles. Many people joke about the trend of crystal healing and shame those who see it as a real cure or a substitute for real health care.

HHowever, this distracts from the reality that alternative medicine may be a response to anxiety and skepticism about the health care system.

While some people have listened to the anti-vaccine propaganda, many people are skeptical of health care for understandable reasons. The healthcare system has a racist and sexist history that continues today. Women are notorious for being misdiagnosed at higher rates than men while black women die more during childbirth than white women.

People are often suspicious of doctors because of bad personal experiences with them, where they felt ignored and suffocated. This is why people may turn to crystals, herbal concoctions, and other alternative medicine products.

The blame is not only on the health care system in the United States, but also on the companies that take advantage of desperate customers who want health care in order to maximize their profits.

Many companies that sell crystals, supplements, and other alternative treatments simply take advantage of these customers. Their goal is to make money, not treat patients. Treatments are often inaccurately advertised likewise, companies often sell fake crystals and watered-down treatments. Often, customers who buy these treatments don’t even get what they pay for.

Rejection of these treatments should not include contempt for the people who indulge in consumption, but the companies that market these products and the healthcare system that creates the demand for these products to exist.

Christopher Hernandez is an English senior who can be reached at [email protected]

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