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Ho Chi Minh City pilots medical treatment for people with depression | Health

A medical worker gives a consultation to a patient with depression

According to the Ministry of Health in Ho Chi Minh City, depression is one of the most common mental disorders, manifesting itself in varying degrees, from mild to moderate and worryingly severe, as most people who commit suicide have a mental disorder, most often a depressive disorder. or a substance abuse disorder.

Worryingly, many scientific reports around the world have proven the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on people’s mental health.

According to the World Health Organization, in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the proportion of people suffering from anxiety and, more seriously, depression worldwide rose to 25%. People with severe depression without treatment tend to commit suicide, which is almost a predictable outcome.

Therefore, people around those who are severely depressed should learn early to recognize potential warning signs of suicide to seek help from an emergency team.

Subsequently, the Ho Chi Minh City Ministry of Health sought the advice of experts in the field of psychiatry and emergency medicine outside the hospital who all assumed the importance of the medical treatment of people with depression by the health sector.

In addition, 115 Emergency Center and Ho Chi Minh City Psychiatric Hospital will take responsibility for this treatment.

Specifically, when you discover that a family member or co-worker, member of a team working together or living together has signs and symptoms of severe depression, immediately call 911 – the telephone number for the center of emergency 115 or number 19001267 – customer service phone number of Ho Chi Minh City Psychiatric Hospital.

After receiving the call, the switchboard medical staff will ask screening questions and notify the 115 emergency team. Upon receiving the message, the 115 hospital emergency team will approach the scene to persuade and send the patient to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. and treatment. Once the patient’s mental disorder is relieved, they will return to their home with special care through the Mental Disorder Care Network.

The Ho Chi Minh City Ministry of Health will conduct a monthly or unplanned preliminary assessment and learn from the experience. The health sector in Ho Chi Minh City will implement a program to improve the capacity of medical institutions in health care, mental health examination and treatment to ensure support for counseling and remote care.

At the same time, nutritional advice, exercise programs and a combination of modern and traditional medical methods will be implemented.

By Thanh Son – Translated by Dan Thuy