Medical treatment

Lil Tjay Gunman was denied independent medical treatment

The man accused of shooting Bronx rapper Lil Tjay has been denied independent release for medical appointments with his private doctors.

On Monday, July 25, alleged gunman Mohamed Konate, who reported is incarcerated in a Bergen County jail for attempted murder, armed robbery and weapons-related offenses, met with the judge James Sattely to talk about his unusual incarceration circumstances. and the upcoming detention hearing.

The judge denied Konaté’s initial release for medical treatment at this meeting.

But a conversation with the Bergen County Jail’s medical director, Dr. Michael Hemsley, based on serious injuries, changed his mind.

Defense attorney Michael Ashley says he broke his kneecap and suffered from conjunctivitis after he was shot in the altercation which left Lil Tjay badly injured in such a way that he has to relearn body functions. basis, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

According to Hemsley, there is medical attention that Konaté needs, and he needs an escort of two officers to get to these outside appointments. Then once at the hospital, an officer would be assigned to him.

The doctor did not say whether the county jail would give him physical therapy.

Prosecutor Matt Fitzpatrick relied on the doctor’s expert opinion, according to, and the facility will arrange for the defendant’s outside medical care.

Konaté’s detention hearing will take place on August 8.