Medical treatment

Local family hosts enjoy a concert for their son’s medical treatment

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Family, friends and members of the community gathered at the Allen Baptist Church in Brownsville for the Ben Rodgers benefit concert.

“Tonight’s concert is to fund the hyperbaric chamber that we hope to purchase for our home so we can continue this treatment,” says Ben Rodgers’ mother, Katherine Rodgers.

The family say that after seeing the significant progress Ben has made, this chamber would be a big help.

“It will help enormously so we have only done one treatment cycle so far and with this treatment we have seen a lot of very good results in his muscle tone. He sleeps better, vomits less, just a lot things that improve his quality of life,” says Rodgers.

The family’s goal tonight is to raise $20.00 for the room. This way, they can minimize their trips.

“We won’t have to travel to Louisiana and we won’t have to pay a fee to use someone else’s room and travel to do it too. We can do it from the comfort of our homes,” says Rodgers.

The concert featured two musical groups, Endless Highway and Quatuor Lefevre, performing some of their greatest hits for an even greater cause.

“We have been friends with them for many years and for us to have this opportunity to contribute and raise funds for this precious family is an honor for us”, says Mike Lefevre, member of Quatuor Lefevre.

With so much support from the community, the Rodgers family is nothing but grateful.

“We’re really humbled that people are going out of their way to do things like put on a benefit concert and the man who cooks the barbecue, for people to eat. We are just extremely grateful and very humbled,” says Katherine Rodgers.

The Rodgers family says there will be even more fundraisers in the future to help Ben and whatever he needs.