Medical treatment

Medical treatment after Atlanta truck crash can be expensive

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury from a collision with a large truck, their life is likely to change for years or never be the same.

Atlanta, Georgia – One of the main reasons a person will need compensation after a truck accident is the high cost of medical and health care to treat an injury. Although it can happen after any type of motor vehicle accident, it is particularly likely that a person will be seriously injured by a large tractor-trailer and will require extensive medical treatment which may last for months, years or become permanent. Lawyers can give more specific details and provide representation throughout an accident lawsuit against a commercial driver or their employer. It is also important that the lawyer asks for enough money in a settlement to sufficiently cover all of these costs.

Truck accidents always cost more

All available data has shown that large tractor-trailers and other similarly sized utility vehicles tend to cause significantly more damage and associated costs for home repairs and medical care. It’s fairly common for a tractor-trailer collision to result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in total damage and loss, and much of that is treatment for those involved. Atlanta accident attorneys regularly represent individuals who must sue a truck driver or their employer for these charges. The trucking company’s insurance company will provide coverage for the possibility of multi-million dollar losses in certain situations.

Disabling injuries can create a lifetime of costs

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When someone suffers a catastrophic injury from a collision with a large truck, their life is likely to change for years or never be the same. The person may spend a long time in the hospital after the accident, they may be prescribed expensive medications, they may need physiotherapy and other forms of recovery, and they may be unable to work due to their condition . Atlanta truck accident attorneys have the ability to use a negligence lawsuit to cover past and future costs of a disability if necessary.

Hazardous Material

If a truck was transporting a substance considered hazardous material, those involved in the accident may need additional treatment and have to go through a decontamination process. The government heavily regulates and limits who can transport hazardous materials due to these safety issues. Some hazardous materials can even be deadly, which means the victim’s family will have to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the company and the offending driver to pay for final medical treatment and funeral expenses.

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