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NovaClinics is now Bellomed a trusted medical treatment center

In today’s world, aesthetic medicine is no longer a privilege reserved for the privileged few. Leading companies like Bellomed, formerly known as NovaClinics, offer an all-inclusive solution for those seeking these types of treatments, to the highest standards in the industry. The brand recently rebranded itself, as part of its efforts to strengthen its global reach and reach new audiences.

“It’s not just a name change,” explained Dr. Donald Bowman, Bellomed’s medical director. “It’s much more than that. We are expanding the treatments we offer, the clinics and specialists we work with, the scope of services we offer our clients, and more. Our professionalism is what places us today as a leader in the industry, and that is why it is the cornerstone of Bellomed’s values ​​as a company.

Let the experts do the work for you

Bellomed is a well-known and trusted provider of aesthetic medicine services, with hundreds of satisfied customers already attesting to the quality of service since the company was founded in 2013. As part of the package of services provided, Bellomed offers a 360-degree process, which includes a medical examination and analysis of the client’s situation, a treatment recommendation tailored exactly to that situation, and regular and frequent follow-ups to ensure proper medical procedure and client satisfaction.

“My team and I personally review each patient’s records, to ensure that each is diagnosed and treated in the most professional manner,” Dr. Bowman continued. “You have to remember that aesthetic treatments are medical treatments and should be considered as such. That’s why only top-notch medical staff are involved in each client’s process, to ensure that they receive the most optimal and personal treatment possible.

Bellomed works in partnership with select medical clinics around the world, in popular aesthetic medicine destinations such as Mexico, Turkey and other locations, reducing costs for clients by up to 80% compared to local clinics. The company emphasizes safety throughout the process, ensuring at all times that proper treatment is given to its customers through multiple means of quality assurance.

“We don’t just aim to stay ahead of our competition, we aim to be industry leaders,” summarized Dr. Bowman.

About Bellomed

Founded in 2013 by a team of medical experts with years of experience, Bellomed offers a variety of medical treatments under one roof and with full care, from planning to aftercare. Among the treatments offered are cosmetic surgeries, hair transplants and waxing, dental and orthodontic care, and more. A full list of services is available on the brand’s website, along with more service information and exciting promotions for different treatments.

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