Medical treatment

Potentially life-saving medical treatment is needed

My name is Brad Freeman. I have ministered as a pastor in Bible-believing evangelical churches for years. I have a devoted religious wife and three adult children, and until recently I was in relatively good health overall. I believe that God gave me the duty to preserve my life (as taught in the implications of the Sixth Commandment), but I have reached a point where I need the help of others.

My story began last year when I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Last March when my cancer was discovered, I was immediately introduced to the conventional medical approach to cancer treatment. I had radiotherapy and a low dose chemotherapy regimen to shrink the tumor for surgery. Shortly after, I had two abdominal surgeries and a full chemotherapy regimen ending in December 2021. Everything indicated that all the cancer had been removed, and a CT scan in January seemed to confirm this. However, a follow-up scan in March revealed that it had not only returned but had traveled to my lungs, making me a stage 4 patient. At stage 4, conventional medical providers told me that he could not be cured; all they could do was provide palliative care through powerful but toxic chemotherapy drugs (which is permanent). The side effects of stage 4 chemo are serious, dangerous and the cause of premature death. The lifespan of those on this diet is 1-3 years at best if they can tolerate the chemicals for that long.

After researching other options on the NIH PubMedCentral website, I found alternative combinations of therapies ignored by conventional medicine. I found a way to test them, and according to my latest scan, the progression of cancer growth has slowed dramatically! (Previous CT and PET scans showed tumors doubling in size every 2-3 months.) I finally found a clinic that specializes in this approach, and not only does it have a high success rate, but it will also preserve my quality of life. However, it is expensive because the insurance will not cover it. I ask for help to finance this treatment. Without it, my time is very short. With this treatment, I may be able to survive much longer with a much better quality of life. Essentially, I am faced with a life or death option, and although I trust in the Lord, I know that God also uses means to preserve life. This treatment seems to be those means. Please consider helping me use these vital means.