Medical treatment

Separate medical treatment for transgender people

At Salem Government Hospital, “Dean” Valli Sathyamoorthy has developed a specialized medical treatment clinic for transgender people. Tamil Nadu wanted specialized medical treatment clinics for transgender people to be established in government hospitals. Separate treatment centers for transgender people have been established in government hospitals in Madurai and Chennai as a result of the efforts of the Tamil Nadu government.

In salem, a separate treatment unit for transgender people was created as a follow-up. At the Salem Government Hospital Super Specialty Hospital, “Dean” Valli Sathyamoorthy has set up a specific treatment center for transgender people. Transgender people can visit this newly opened outpatient unit daily to check on their body issues and disorders. Physicians are responsible for treating patients as needed.

“Third Salem Tamil Government Hospital has started a specific treatment section for transgender people,” said Valli Sathyamoorthy, the “dean” of the hospital. This treatment center is set up to take care of all the ailments that transgender people may have. Thoracic surgery, genital surgery, hysterectomy, facial hair removal and plastic surgery are some of the services offered. This is something that transgender people should take advantage of.