Medical treatment

Sick Iranian political prisoner deprived of much-needed medical care

Political prisoner Kasra Bani Amerian, detained in Section 8 of the notorious Evin prison in Tehran, suffered irreparable mental strain as a result of harassment by prison officers.

The political prisoner who suffers from polyneuropathy, a progressive nerve condition, has been detained in Section 8 since November 2020 despite the fact that the prison clinic lacks treatment facilities and even qualified doctors.

Although they are well aware that the absence of treatment, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture, can lead to dangerous and irreparable consequences for the health of Kasra Bani Amerian, the officials of Evin prison , in particular Ali Hashemi, the director of the prison, denied him the right to medical care. treatment.

Complications of the disease include imbalance, weakness, and progressive numbness of the muscles that move the body.

It should be mentioned that in the past 21 months, despite frequent follow-ups and severe pain endured by Kasri Bani Amirian, he was only sent to hospital for occupational therapy and physiotherapy for two very short periods of 10 sessions. .

This despite the fact that due to the lack of organization, continuous interruptions following long waiting times in the dispatch room with handcuffs, and because at times the prison officers forced him to leave the half-finished treatment process, not only did the treatment fail, but it caused Kasra irreparable nervous and mental strain.

The last time he was taken in for treatment was over 60 days ago.

The head of the Evin prison clinic and his assistant postponed his treatment for two months, which is a kind of torture for the sick political prisoner.

Iran Human Rights Monitor holds Evin prison officials responsible for Kasra Bani Amerian’s health.