Medical treatment

Sick political prisoner deprived of urgent medical care

Political prisoner Mehran Gharahbaghi’s health has deteriorated in Sheiban prison in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran. He was denied medical treatment despite having heart problems and scabies (which he contracted due to poor and unsanitary prison conditions).

According to informed sources, the state of water and food in Sheiban prison in Ahvaz is appallingly bad. Prison food is inedible and drinking water is contaminated and mixed with sewage.

As a result, inmates contract skin-related diseases. Political prisoner Mehran Gharebaghi ​​contracted scabies after being transferred from Behbahan prison to Shiban prison in Ahvaz.

According to the same source, the prison authorities are not providing him with the medicine he needs (Benzyl Benzoate) to treat a scabies infestation. They only gave him some sulfur soap and doused the prison once. The prison authorities do not even deliver the medicine his family brought him.

Mehran Gharahbaghi ​​contracted heart disease in prison.

Prison doctors warned that he needed hospitalization for heart surgery, but an interrogator from the Ministry of Intelligence refused.

He showed symptoms of COVID-19 on August 19 in Sheiban prison, known for its inhumane conditions. However, he was denied proper treatment by order of the intelligence ministry and the interrogator.

The IRGC arrested Mehran Gharabaghi ​​on December 19, 2019 and transferred him to Behbahan prison after interrogating and torturing him for a month.

Gharabaghi ​​was transferred from Behbahan prison to MOIS detention center in Ahvaz on July 12, 2020, and new charges have been brought against him.

On December 25, 2021, he was transferred to Sheiban prison in Ahvaz.

The new charges were issued by Seyed-Nasser Taheri-Nasab, an investigator from Branch 3 of Behbahan’s “Public and Revolutionary Procuratorate”.

Denial of medical treatment is a common tactic used by Iranian authorities to pressure political prisoners.

Amnesty International, UN experts and other human rights organizations have documented numerous occasions when authorities deprived Iranian prisoners of the care they needed.

Although the actual number is unknown, at least three political prisoners have died due to inadequate medical treatment or ill-treatment in Iran in 2021, including Adel Kianpour, Sasan Niknafs and Behman Mahjoubi.