Medical treatment

What is the relationship between marital status and medical treatment?

CHENNAI: In India, women’s health issues are largely dismissed and ignored. Notwithstanding societal judgements, it is the condescending attitude of some gynecologists and other doctors that leaves women with traumatic consultations.

Recently, a conversation between scribes and some doctors drew attention on a social media platform after a doctor started a thread about why women shouldn’t be offended if asked. their marital status, because it is “imperative” in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. .

The doctor explained that marital status is not about an individual’s sexual activity. Also, not everyone is comfortable if a question is asked directly about their sexual history because they find it offensive. Another doctor also pointed out that the medical training system teaches them to inquire about marital status and whether a patient is living with their partner or not.

However, this explanation was unacceptable to many, as it was irrational and discriminatory. Single women are often denied diagnostic procedures solely because of their marital status. In addition, several consultations lead to shame if they are not married. Some people have insisted that they would rather be asked about their sexual history than be subjected to “interrogation” accompanied by judgment at various levels.

A supportive and open-minded gynecologist allows more women to open up and disclose their issues. He also encourages women to see a doctor for their health issues.